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Adrienne Quertier

Reflective practice and empowering Social Workers to make the most informed decisions they can. To know themselves and what they bring in the way of beliefs and approaches, to be able to view their practice with distance while also empathising with clients. To do your best work in a structure that may not support that and the inherent tension that this creates for Social Workers. To advocate for our clients, to advocate for ourselves.

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Nicola Flynn

I am passionate about care of the elderly within the community and maintain a strong enthusiasm for statutory work.
I have several aspects within the supervisory role that I am a strong believer in, to gain optimum performance from staff – staff development that empowers individuals to pursue their own solutions to issues, backing it with evidence and relevent rationale. How to deal with work place pressures including prioritisation of work, safe practice, bullying, creating own sense of wellbeing in a work environment and appropriate boundary setting.

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Robert Wilson

To enhance social work practitioners toward ” better and safer practices” through the following perspectives: Reflective, Problem Solving Solution, Strength Base and Mentoring to encompass whanau ora / wrap around interventions.

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