An Introduction To Child-Centered Play Therapy – 3 Day Workshop – Hamilton

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Date(s) - 12/09/2019 - 14/09/2019
All Day

Houchen House


Course Presenters:

Judi Jacobsen MNZAC (consultant child play therapist, counsellor)
Megan Longman MNZASW (consultant child play therapist, social worker)

ChildPlayWorks is an internationally recognised CCPT training provider

Great news!! ChildPlayWorks certification programme in play therapy has been formally recognized by IDEALS/NIRE – the oldest and among the most prestigious certifying bodies in Child-Centered Play Therapy in the United States as being “equivalent in quality.” This designation, which has been granted to fewer than 5 programmes outside of the United States, allows graduates of ChildPlayWorks to be eligible for admittance to their advanced certification programmes in CCPT Supervision and in Filial Therapy. We are thankful to everyone in the ChildPlayWorks community since it was the quality of our students, training staff, and supervisors that allowed us to receive this distinction.

Child Centered Play Therapy
Play is the natural world of a child, and in their play a child can express their thoughts and feelings and come to an understanding of their world.
The play therapy model presented at the workshop is Child Centered Play Therapy (CCPT). CCPT comes from a solid theoretical base and it is now recognised as one of the most effective ways of working with children who have been exposed to trauma. In CCPT, there is an underlying belief in and trust of the inner person of the child and their innate capacity to strive towards growth and maturity. The Child Centered Play Therapist is concerned with developing the kind of relationship that facilitates inner emotional growth and children’s belief in themselves.
CCPT is an attitude, a philosophy, and a way of being with children rather than a way of doing something to or for children (The Art of The Relationship, Garry Landreth, 2012). Within the unique relationship that is developed between the child and therapist, the child learns to value and respect themselves; to recognise their strengths, values and abilities; and to trust in their own ability to make decisions which are based on an internal wisdom and not on external pressures.

‘An Introduction to Child Centered Play Therapy’

This popular 3-day professional development workshop offers course participants an introduction to Child-Centered Play Therapy.
This workshop is of interest to counsellors, social workers, teachers, early childhood educators, psychotherapists, psychologists, creative art therapists, and others who work with children, as well as students who are training in these areas. Participants take away with them a broad range of facilitative and relational responses, as well as an understanding of the philosophy behind these, to use in their daily interactions with children.
Rationale & Goals for Workshop
This 3-day workshop offers participants a glimpse into the fascinating world of CCPT. Workshop participants learn ways of communicating with children which are focussed on their relationship and which enable the child to know they have been fully heard and understood. Workshop participants also gain entry-level knowledge and understanding of CCPT as well as an awareness of the efficacy of this approach when working with children.
Content of Workshop
• The philosophy and principles of CCPT
• What is CCPT, who it can help, and how it can help
• The process of building a relationship with a child
• Therapeutic language that shows a true belief in the person of the child: The four healing messages – I am here, I hear you, I understand, and I care
• Noticing, listening, acknowledging, and therapeutic limit setting
• Following the child’s lead
• Returning responsibility to the child
• Facilitating the development of a child’s strengths
• Building a child’s self-esteem
• Ways of responding outside of the playroom – greeting a child and saying goodbye.
• Responding to a child who is reluctant to leave
• The playroom and its toys

Workshop participants have the unique opportunity to experience first-hand this very heartfelt way of working with children who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.
An Introduction to Child Centered Play Therapy holds credits towards Stage 1 of the ChildPlayWorks NZ Clinical Play Therapy Training Programme.

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Please note: completion of this workshop does not qualify participants as Child-Centered Play Therapists or as being able to practice in CCPT.