Social Work Review Issue 23 (4)


Dominic Chilvers and Kathryn Hay 


Promoting research literacy during the social work practicum
Jane Maidment, Dominic Chilvers, Yvonne Crichton-Hill and Karen Meadows-Taurua 

School social work: A school-based field placement
Doris Testa 

Back to the future and back again: Reflections on a student unit
Kathryn Hay and Rob Teppett 

Developing Kia Tene/Off the Cuff – A resource for field educators in social work in Aotearoa New Zealand
Jude Douglas 

Defining moments in practice. Clinical supervision as a method of promoting critical reflection in fieldwork: A qualitative inquiry
Margaret Pack 

‘Fit and proper’ and fieldwork: A dilemma for social work educators?
Tiffany Apaitia-Vague, Lesley Pitt and David Younger 

Social service managers and student information provision
Trish Hanlen

Improving the quality of social work field education: The efficacy of an analysis using Cultural-Historical Activity Theory
Dominic Chilvers 


Book reviews 

Guidelines for contributors