Volunteers Wanted for the Wellington Welfare Guardian Trust

Logo Wellington Welfare Guardianship TrustThe Wellington Welfare Guardian Trust is currently seeking suitable people willing to volunteer to be trained to fulfil this essential function when applications are received from the carers of subject persons. Our system is based on the successfully running Otago Welfare Guardian Trust.

Criteria for becoming a Welfare Guardian:
The applicant must be Aged 20 or older and capable of carrying out a welfare guardian’s duties, they must act in the Subject person’s best interests, have no conflict of interest and provide a written consent to their appointment. Suggested aptitudes include: empathy, honesty competent verbal and written communication, computer
literacy/access to email, own means of transport preferable, physically active, availability sometimes at short notice.

Thereafter, a volunteer application form is to be submitted to wwgtrust@gmail.com (or posted) including two referees. As part of the selection process there is an interview with member/s of the trust and a clear NZ Police check before approval.

Approved Volunteers will undergo training to ensure the legislative and practical requirements of guardianship are fulfilled. Volunteers will be fully supported by the Trust members and ongoing refresher training will be provided. Training will be tailored to the needs of particular volunteers, depending on their past experience and will cover the
essential legal and medical information needed to perform the task. Training will be held at a mutually accepted time and location.

Trustee members will match volunteers with applicant’s requests for a WG.

The extent of involvement will vary according to the needs of the Subject Person. It is likely that on first being appointed there may be a higher commitment (fulfilling the needs that were identified when asking for a Welfare Guardian).

This is a 3 year appointment, that may have periods where no assistance is required by the Subject Person, however the commencement period is likely to be more intense in terms of a time commitment.

More detail can be found at https://welfareguardians.nz/ 

For further information contact Megan Bibby (administrator) or Ben Gray (Chair) at wwgtrust@gmail.com.