ANZASW Campaign Update for 2016

Kia Ora Everyone,

I thought it would be timely for me to let you all know what plans are underway for 2016 in regards to the campaign.

My role as Campaign Coordinator is to promote the ANZASW as the ‘voice’ of the profession and so, with that said, I have been working hard the last 10 weeks to create a coherent strategy that is in line with what you want (advised by your comments in Survey Matters) and the ANZASW Strategic Goals approved by the Board last month.

The campaign for 2016 / 2017 is broken down in to three distinct groups with clear action points for each group. Below is a breakdown of each section and the action points as they relate to the organisation’s strategic goals:

Promoting Social Work and Social Workers

Strategic Goal Two – Voice

To provide a strong voice for Tau Iwi and Tangata Whenua members, the profession and the people with whom we work. Public awareness of the positive role and impact of social work and social workers is raised. The public policy agenda for social work and social services is influenced. Members are mobilised to engage in ANZASW campaign activity. The Tangata Whenua caucus voice is strengthened within the Association

  1. Sector Newsletter – The promotion of our Social Work members in sector newsletters throughout the country
  2. Open Days and Protests – The visibility and attendance of ANZASW at sector open days and protests around the country – we have been to a few already as you have been able to see via our Facebook posts and Twitter.
  3. Ribbon Day Promotions – An example of this occurred last week with the promotion of the incredible Christchurch Resettlement Services Social Workers on International Migrants Day. The next promotion I will be looking at is the IHC National Awareness and Appeal Month (February) and World Cancer Day on February the 4th – watch this space!
  4. Videos – Making videos of our members promoting the wonderful work they do within their sector. We have been able to acquire the services of film makers up and down the country in the filming and producing of a ‘A day in the life’ of our ANZASW Social Workers – very exciting and expect a call from me asking whether you’d like to be part of this!
  5. The Brand – We feel the level of clarity around the logo is not as strong as we would like it to be, it is well known to members and ex-members but perhaps not well recognised by the wider public. We have therefore started initial discussions with some brand experts and plan to progress this once we all get back from the break. This will be done in conjunction with the other initiatives here.

Growing Membership

Strategic Goal One – Membership

To maintain and grow a strong, engaged and committed Tangata Whenua and Tau Iwi membership. Achieve net growth in Tau Iwi and Tangata Whenua membership. Increase Tau Iwi and Tangata Whenua participation in the Association.

We are of the opinion that our membership will grow with the initiatives just mentioned in the previous section. However, we have also decided to become more visible at the Social Work schools around the country by growing the membership at its base.

We are in discussions with both the Social Work Registration Board and Social Workers Action Network to align our calendars so that all three organisations can present at the same time (at every school across the country) and explain the roles and benefits of each organisation and how they complement each other.

Awareness Campaign

Strategic Goal One and Two – Membership / Voice

The Awareness Campaign hinges on a number of initiatives, some already visible and other to become visible early in the New Year.

  • Webpage – It has been decided to revamp our webpage. There has been a lot of work already done in the background and once Fiona is back from her break in the New Year you will see a fresher, more vibrant and user friendly website.
  • Facebook – Since the launching of the new ANZASW Facebook page we have seen a steady increase in membership and a large amount of posts from members. We will be using the Facebook page for not only member posts but also for important announcements that we feel we want to get across to members – if you haven’t already joined and you have a Facebook account come across to
  • Twitter – Yes  we are on Twitter land and slowly increasing our followers, you can join us at
  • Submissions – We will continue to ask for submissions in areas that are important to our profession, the latest being the Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan. If you’re interested in making a submission either fill out the submission form and email it back to me or email me directly with your submission to You can find the relevant documentation at


I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect from the ANZASW in 2016 and the breadth of initiatives already in motion. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable break and I look forward to hearing from you all in the New Year.

Nga mihi