ANZASW Celebrates Social Workers March 2018

This video is the product of several weeks filming with social workers and talking to the public in Wellington and Christchurch.

It is intended to promote the profession and to show a “human face” to social work as well as to correct misperceptions about social workers “taking people’s kids away” which is a popular cliché.
The film will be shared widely on social media today and over the next few weeks, while other material (including interviews) will be used for shorter promotional pieces which we will look to release in the near future.

The central aim of the film is to introduce the public to social workers as human beings not faceless operatives and to show people what inspires and motivates social workers as well as to communicate their stories about why they do what they do.

I feel it is fitting to release it on World Social Work Day 2018 #wswd18 as a way of celebrating, as well as recognising, the invaluable work that members of the Social Work community do.