ANZASW Fees and Information 01Apr19-31Mar20


Key features of the fees are:

Evidence of income will be required by those applying  for the low income categories – this could include  IRD Tax return, Summary of Income, letter from employer, payslip etc).

  • Category A (Earning $40,000+ per annum)
  • Category B (earning from $20,000 to $39,999 per annum – evidence required)
  • Category C (Earning less than $20,000 per annum – evidence required)

* An Associate member is someone who has been a Full Member, but is now working in a role that would not require Registration as a Social Worker, but wishes to maintain their ANZASW membership.

** Automatic payments must be set up so that the invoice is paid in full by the end of the current membership year, unless special prior arrangement has been made. 

^ Does not include placements, which are covered in the Student category.

The amounts quoted are based on payments made from April through to March (fortnightly and weekly payments start from specific dates, so adjustments will be required outside of those).


GST incl.

Autopay equivalent **






Category A





Category B





Category C










Non-practicing, overseas










Practicing Student ^










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