Do you want more $$$$$$$$?


Members who are interested in developing on line training programmes.

 WE PAY!!!!!

If you are interested in developing on line training programmes, I am very keen to hear from you.

On line training can be made up of very short modules. Modules should take about 1 hour to complete. If what you want to teach doesn’t all fit into one hour, you can develop a 2 or 3 module training programme. The programme does need to be more than a recorded PowerPoint!

Please contact me if you are interested or have more ideas!

Anne MacAulay CPD coordinator
mobile: 027 226 7244


I have a long list of ideas:

Ethics Lots of Legal Ones:
Working within Scope of Practice Mental Health Act
Risk Assessment EPOA
Health & Disability Standards PPPR Act/ Applying for Guardianship/Property Manager/Orders
Bio Psychosocial Assessment Privacy Act
Writing Care Plans Adoption and Surrogacy
Evaluating SW Interventions Competency
Specialised Report writing Privacy
Working with Grief and Loss Responding to Complaints
Getting the most out of your Supervision Consent
Engaging with Challenging Clients Working with older people:

·         Elder Abuse

·         Cultural differences

·         Grief and Loss – Residential/Palliative care

·         Physical ability, cognition

·         Residential care

·         NASC assessment

·         Dementia

End of Life Issues Completing notifications to Oranga Tamariki
Advance Care Directives Confidentiality