ANZASW Practice Standard 8/SWRB Core Competency 5: Research & Survey Participation Invites

Kia ora,

Anecdotal conversations with several social workers across sectors point to a need to refocus their practice towards a more structural basis. Targeting the societal structures that cause more harm, is now seen as one of the main tools in combatting the ever-increasing inroads neoliberal policies have made in society and the social work profession.

Many feel they need to move towards a radical social work practice model but find it almost impossible to do so. This research will look at what those barriers are that block practitioners from practicing radically through the voices of contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand practitioners.

I am looking for registered and non-registered trained social workers who self-identify as radical social workers. Those who have completed a Bachelor of Social Work, a Master of Social Work and / or the previously required Certificate.

Data will be collected preferably via face to face semi-structured interviews or alternatively over Skype, Facebook Messenger or Zoom.

I invite you to take part in this research.

Please contact me on:

Email –

Mobile – 027 565 8887

Are you interested in child development sciences?

Eileen Joy warmly invites you to participate in a research study which is in partial fulfilment of the requirements for a doctoral research project at the University of Auckland. She is looking at how statutory social workers in Aotearoa New Zealand use ‘child development sciences’ in their day-to-day work.

By exploring what child protection social workers know about the early prevention sciences (such as neuroscience, and epigenetics) and how they might use this knowledge in their day-to-day interactions with families, this project aims to explore how this science is being used in front-line services.

Criteria for participation in this part of the research study include:

  • You are not a current employee of Oranga Tamariki.
  • You were part of a Care and Protection team (I am not recruiting participants from Youth Justice)
  • You were employed by Oranga Tamariki (or Child Youth and Family) within the last four years and were employed by them for at least 12 months.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information please contact me via e-mail, Eileen Joy,

Alternatively, a phone message can be left with my supervisor,

Dr Ian Hyslop, Ph: 09 373 7999 (ext 46439)

Recruitment and retention of health professionals in rural and remote health settings is very challenging.  While research has been undertaken to understand this for medical and nursing staff, very little is known about what is important to Allied Health professionals in this context.

We want to explore the perspectives of Allied Health professions working in, having previously worked or thinking about working in rural or remote settings in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We want to invite Allied Health, Scientific and Technical professions who have worked in rural or remote settings in Aotearoa New Zealand in the last twelve months, who are currently working in these settings or who are considering working in these settings to take part in this important research.

We want to capture a wide range of opinions and perspectives on this topic, from a range of different backgrounds.  You have been invited as we believe you can contribute a valuable point of view to this project.

For the purpose of this study Allied Health professionals are those covered by the Health Practitioner Competence Assurance Act (Dental, Dietitians, Medical Scientists, Imaging Technologists, OTs, Pharmacists, Physios, Podiatrists, Psychologists,  Psychotherapists), and those therapy professions acknowledged in the Act such as Speech Language Therapy, Orthotists/Productionists, Music and other Arts Therapies and social workers registered by the Social Workers Registration Acts.

To find out more visit

If you are unsure if you could take part, please contact the research team:


Principal Investigator Dr Peter Larmer                      Researcher Jane George                                       

09 921 9999 ext 7322                                            03 769 7400 ext 5014