ANZASW Quality and Innovation Awards 2021

John Fry Memorial Supreme Award for Quality and Innovation in Social Work 2019 Winner and Information Quality and Innovation Awards 2017 – Winners and Information Quality and Innovation Awards 2015 – Winners and Information

The ANZASW Quality and Innovation Awards have been established following the 2014 Year of celebrating 50 years of ANZASW to formally recognise excellence in social work practice.

Categories of Awards include exemplary and or innovative social work showcasing one or more of the following: Human Rights: Social Work practice demonstrating how an identified human rights issue or issues has/have been addressed. Indigenous Knowledge: Exemplar of contributing to indigenous body of knowledge, models of practice and / or improved consumer outcomes. Innovative Practice: Exemplar of new and creative ways of effective social work practice Research: Research contributing to development of contemporary evidence based best practice. Social Justice: Social Work practice demonstrating how an identified social justice issue or issues has/have been addressed. Social Work Education/Students: Practice demonstrating innovation in student education or exemplary student work.

Process Beginning in 2015 and every two years thereafter applications will be sought from ANZASW members in each of the categories. Sufficient details of the work completed to enable a panel to assess the application including:

  • What the piece of work is;
  • How it was developed and applied;
  • Evidence of ANZASW member’s explicit role in the piece of work
  • ANZASW member’s agreement to submitting the application
  • The category or categories the application is entered into
  • A letter of endorsement / permission including verification of authenticity from relevant authority (employer or tertiary education provider and social work supervisor);
  • If appropriate – consent from the person/people using the service
  • Evidence from appropriate party / parties of improved outcomes.

Individual or group applications will be considered. Adherence to Social Work Ethics including with respect to the completion of this application must be evidenced. Winners in each category must be willing to provide summary of work for publication in either the ANZASW Noticeboard or New Zealand Social Work Journal. Applications may be submitted by individual practitioners or candidates may be nominated by a third party in which case there must be sufficient detail for the Assessment Panel to evaluate the nomination.

Assessment An assessment panel (minimum 3, maximum 7) will review the applications for each category, there may be different panel members for different categories.  The panel will reflect cultural, gender and / or expertise relevant to the categories. All applicants will be notified of the decision of the panel with feedback as appropriate. The decision of the panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into following the decision. Awards will be announced on INTERNATIONAL SOCIAL WORK DAY of the 17th March 2021 as part of the event to celebrate the move to mandatory registration. The applications need to be at National Office by 15 February 2021. Email Application to:

Awards There would be usually be one overall winner, but at the discretion of the panel, a joint award could be offered.  In addition to a certificate, letter and publication, an “ANZASW Social Work Quality & Innovation Trophy” may be presented. Winners in each category will receive a ‘Certificate of Excellence’, letter of commendation and publication in an ANZASW Journal and on the website. In any year there may be supplementary awards such as a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ and or ‘Highly Commended’ awards. From time to time if resources allow there may be a small monetary acknowledgement (expected to be used for continuing professional development) for some or all of the awards. John Fry Memorial Award The family of the late John Fry have agreed to fund the Supreme Award for the years 2019, 2021, 2023, 2025 and 2027. The funding will cover the Supreme Trophy and $500 cash to be used for some professional purpose. The Award will be known as the John Fry Memorial Supreme Award for Quality and Innovation in Social Work. The family, Rachel, Juliet and David are thanked for their generosity in making this memorial for John possible. “John Fry was a founding member of ANZASW, served as President in 1972-1973 and was made a Life Member in 1988. His social work career over the period 1956 -1984 spanned child welfare, faith based social services, and Local Authority community services in Wellington, Auckland, Whakatane, Timaru and Christchurch. He was deeply committed to the profession of social work and both valued and demonstrated quality and innovation in his work.”

Review At the completion of the awards process, the panel will review the process and all other aspects of these awards, and make any recommendations to improve the programme.

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