ANZSW Journal Special Issue on Innovation and Creativity

Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work journal is inviting submissions to a special edition on Innovation and Creativity in Social Work Practice and Research to be published in 2017The editors for this special issue are: Jane Maidment, Yvonne Crichton-Hill and Ian Hyslop


The context for delivering social work services and conducting research is constantly changing with emergent technologies and pressing social issues to address in a demanding political environment. The purpose of this special edition is to explore and showcase new or emerging initiatives in social work practice and research that respond in creative and empowering ways to current concerns. Challenging times provoke social work – and social workers – to respond in progressive and original ways that may foreshadow new practice horizons. It is hoped that some of this energy and originality will be captured in this edition of the journal. Possible topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Research method and inquiry
  • Inclusion of service user perspectives in planning and service delivery / community driven initiatives or partnerships
  • Pilot group work programmes
  • Inclusion of arts and crafts in practice or research
  • Addressing environmental concerns
  • Social justice and activism
  • Using social media in practice or research

Full articles should be no longer than 6000 words including references and material in tables.  Shorter pieces may focus on recent events or current topics of relevance to the theme and may contribute a unique perspective for practitioners, educators, and students. Such shorter submissions should be no longer than 2000 words and be properly referenced.

Submissions will be anonymously reviewed by two readers from a panel of reviewers.  Reviewers will be asked to offer constructive feedback to authors. The deadline for submission of full papers for this themed issue is 1 July 2016.

Before submission, please write to the editors with a brief outline of your intended article for this special issue and we will send you the author guidelines for the preparation of your manuscript.

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One comment

  • Karen Shepherd

    This sounds a wonderful focus for our journal and the opportunity for social workers who are out in their communities using innovating and creative practice to share with us all and tell us what we are doing. Ka Pai.
    Thanks to our editorial team for their innovation in this 🙂