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 Thank you for being such a great and informative association – Melinda

I wanted to share a brief moment to thank you both [Jacqui & Margaret from HO] for your ‘amazing’ support …my heartfelt gratitude. I cannot express enough. I was moved by [your] generosity & compassion – Loreen

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New Zealand Recognised Social Work Qualifications>>

Interact with successful social workers Research indicates that successful practitioners  are more likely to be members to access this  network you need to be a member
Be part of a strong ‘influencing’ voice A large group of social workers has a strong  voice – members can influence that voice
Increase your profile in the social work sector By contributing to online discussion, writing  articles / blogs, presenting at CPD events
Gain critical information before non-members Participating in association activities, working  groups, committees, forums increases access  to industry intelligence
Gain skills that will enhance career / personal success Involvement with the association creates  opportunities to learn new skills – eg  leadership, governance, submission writing
Gain the best first steps into you career New practitioners have access to guidance  tools, mentoring & connections through  membership
Create a ‘user friendly’ business

environment for members

Professional advice, practice notes,  resources, website, online discussion  forums, online resources eg CPD logs
Assist members to more effectively conduct  their business Professional development, discussion  forums, academic journal, publications,  conferences, research
Create in the public’s eye a positive view of

member services

Promotion of & advocacy for social workers

& the profession

Manage membership matters Ethics, quality standards, membership  criteria, member services
Ensure professional education & training is


Provision of CPD, recognition of CPD  programmes, representation on Advisory  Committees,
Advocate for social justice, human rights and

respect for diversities

Submissions, lobbying, media presence,

press releases



Established in 1964 under the Incorporated Societies Act (1908) Established by the Social Workers registration Act 2003
Is accountable to members Is accountable to the Minister of Social Development and Parliament
Provides an independent voice for social workers Provides a voice for the public
Supports social workers & the social work profession Increases the professionalism of social workers
Provides a national organisation for professional social workers to (re)present their views on social policy and practice, and to protect their interests and public standing

Advances social justice, human rights and human dignity through advocacy and social change

Promotes an indigenous identity for social work in Aotearoa New Zealand

Protects the safety of the public by ensuring social workers are:

  • Competent to practice
  • Accountable for their practice
  • Fit to practice

Supports social workers by operating the regulatory framework in a way that’s
transparent and accountable

Builds public trust so social workers can be recognised as skilled professionals

Lifts the standing of social work by having registered professionals, similar to others, ie teachers, nurses and lawyers

Services provided Registration & Enhancing Professionalism
Provides a ‘voice’ for social workers through a range of media Registers social workers
Publications – Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, Notice Board, eNotices, website, practice notes Issues Practicing Certificates
Develops & maintains a Code of Ethics Sets professional standards through a Code of Conduct
Delivers & promotes professional development activities & provides professional advice Sets CPD requirements and monitors compliance
Provides an online CPD Log Reviews competence of social workers
o Professional Supervisors
o Social work vacancies
o Social Workers in private practice
o Local national & international CPD
Regulates the profession to build public trust in social workers

Sets programme recognition standards for social work degrees

Provides professional indemnity insurance as a member benefit Receives, assesses and manages complaints about registered social workers
Contact details Contact details
Te Rōpū Kaimahi Toko i te Hāpori i Aotearoa
PO Box 16428, Hornby, Christchurch 8441
Social Workers Registration Board
Kāhui Whakamana Tauwhiro
PO Box 3452, Wellington, 6140, New Zealand


3.1 The Association demonstrates commitment to work within a bicultural partnership by:

3.1.1    ensuring that the Association is underpinned by Te Tiriti O Waitangi; and

3.1.2    promoting an indigenous identity for social work in Aotearoa New Zealand.

3.2  Social Work is defined as:

A practice-based profession and an academic discipline that promotes social change and development, social cohesion, and the empowerment and liberation of people. Principles of social justice, human rights, collective responsibility and respect for diversities are central to social work.  Underpinned by theories of social work, social sciences, humanities and indigenous knowledges, social work engages people and structures to address life challenges and enhance wellbeing.[1]

3.3  Ethical practice and natural justice

The Association develops and maintains a Code of Ethics, which is consistent with the International Federation of Social Workers’ Statement of Ethical Principles (“IFSW”).

The Association’s complaints, disputes, grievance, mediation and disciplinary procedures for members are conducted in accordance with the principles of natural justice as described in Bylaws.


4.1 The purposes of the Association are to:

4.1.1 Advance social justice, human rights and human dignity by:

a.informing society at large of social injustices, challenging oppression and acting to change structures that perpetuate injustice; and

b. promoting collective responsibility for human rights, social justice and human dignity;

4.1.2 Provide a national organisation for professional social workers to (re)present their views on social policy and practice, and to protect their interests and public standing by:

a. establishing the minimum requirements for membership;

b. maintaining the Code of Ethics, which is congruent with the IFSW Statement of Ethical Principles;

c. promoting and advocating for the profession of social work;

d. promoting, co-ordinating, and delivering continuing professional development opportunities for members;

e. publishing journals, monographs, directories, or other publications;

f. encouraging and promoting research on all aspects of social work;

g. facilitating forums for social workers to discuss matters of common interest;

h. forming affiliations with other national and international social work organisations and cooperating wherever possible with kindred organisations;

i. maintaining procedures for resolving disputes between members in their capacity as members and between members and the Association;

j. maintaining procedures for resolving complaints concerning alleged misconduct and disciplining members (who are not subject to discipline by the Social Workers Registration Board);

k. insuring Association property against loss or damage and indemnify and insure officers, members and employees.  Officers, members and employees include duly appointed or elected committee members and those charged with the Association’s complaints and dispute procedures;

l. providing services under contract for other organisations with interests in the development and maintenance of competent social work practice; and

m. doing anything necessary or helpful to achieve these purposes.

[1] The Global Definition of Social Work developed by IFSW, IASSW and ICSW, adopted in July 2014

Membership categories

5.1 Membership may comprise different categories of membership as decided by the Board.

5.2 The Board may, from time to time, publish Bylaws determining criteria, policies, and procedures for membership and any listed member category.

9.1 All members and Board members must;

9.1.1 promote the purposes of the Association and must do nothing to bring the Association into disrepute;
9.1.2 uphold and comply with the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws, including the Code of Ethics, rules, policies and procedures of the Association;
9.1.3 pay their membership fees, subscriptions and levies when required or as agreed by the Board; and
9.1.4 advise the Association immediately of any restrictions on practice, disciplinary proceedings, criminal investigations or civil proceeding or any other investigations against them.

Members must also:

  • update ANZASW whenever your personal details change (change of address, email, phone number, workplace, work role etc) to ensure the membership database is accurate.
  • inform ANZASW if you are practicing social work in another country and arrange for your membership category to be changed to non-practicing (as membership and professional indemnity insurance eligibility is based on NZ practice).
  • be bound by and comply with any decision and order which may apply to you as an outcome of the ANZASW dispute resolution process (disputed between members as members) or the complaints resolution process.

6.1 A person may apply for membership by providing such information as the Board may require.

6.2 Submitting an application for membership constitutes consent to be a member of the Association.

6.3 Membership applications must be assessed to determine whether or not the applicant is fit to belong to the Association.

6.4 Membership applications received from people to whom clause 5.4.2 applies must be assessed to determine whether the applicant is fit to practise as a social worker.

6.5 Subject to any Board Bylaw, policy or procedure, an application for membership may be declined for any reason including if it is believed that there may be risk or reputational damage to the Association if the applicant was admitted to membership and that decision will be final.

11.1 Members have the right to vote at a General Meeting of the Association provided that there are no monies outstanding by the member to the Association.

11.2 Members have a right to receive a copy of any publication issued by the Association free of charge. Publications distributed electronically to members are sufficient to meet this requirement.

11.3 Members must, on written request, be provided with either or both of the following within a reasonable period, and without charge:

11.3.1 the financial statements of the Association that were presented at the most recent annual general meeting; and

11.3.2 the minutes of the most recent Annual General Meeting.

11.4 Members have a right to information held by the Association, as provided for in the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 and any legislation amending or replacing that Act.

11.5 Written requests for information must follow the process prescribed in the Bylaws.


  • An equitable, socially just and sustainable Aotearoa New  Zealand society in which social work is a valued profession
    Kia tika tonu te āhua mahi mō ngā Tangata i Aotearoa nei.


  • To enhance the profession of social work for the benefit of individuals, family, communities, whānau, hāpu and iwi.
    Manaaki ngā kaimahi kia tika te huarahi oranga e hāpai ngā whānau, hāpu, iwi, me ngā hapori.