Member Services/Benefits

All members of ANZASW gain access to the following services.

Competency Assessment Programme: ANZASW provides a competency assessment service and all new members must complete this within one year of joining the Association. The ANZASW competency assessment service is approved by the Social Workers Registration Board for the purposes of becoming a registered social worker. The competency assessment and complaints resolution processes provide a system for ensuring that members of ANZASW are accountable to consumers.

ANZASW provides (access to) a range of CPD events>> throughout New Zealand including ANZASW webinars>>.


ANZASW is interested in hearing from members and others who would be interested in presenting in our Webinar CPD programme.

We are interested in hearing from social workers and allied professionals interested in presenting on issues relating to social work and social work practice such as:

  • Research
  • Emerging practice
  • Fields of practice
  • Social justice & advocacy issues
  • Ethical issues

Webinars are usually:

  • an hour but can be longer if the topic requires more time
  • can be a one-off presentation or a series of sessions

Presenting a webinar counts for CPD hours and contributes to Standard 10 the social worker uses ANZASW membership to influence and reinforce competent practice.

If you are interested contact Sonja Nissen


Continuing Professional Development

  • As a Member of ANZASW, you are given professional indemnity insurance which is tailor-made to protect you as the social worker and not your organisation. It will provide protection for social workers when there is a  complaint about their social work practice – eg to ANZASW,  SWRB, Health & Disability Commissioner, Privacy Commissioner,  employer or giving evidence in the Coroners Court

Important Notice for Student Members

Student members of ANZASW completing supervised practicum placements as part of their social work education programme are covered by the ANZASW Indemnity Insurance during the placement. Students undertaking casual, formal or part time social service work to supplement their income while studying are covered by the ANZASW Indemnity Insurance providing the work they do is supervised in accordance with their workplace supervision protocols. 


  • Claim range $42,387 – $1,750
  • Median claim $8,695

Indemnity Insurance Information

All members of ANZASW have access to the free online quarterly professional journal called Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work Journal>> with articles, papers, opinions, reviews and other items of interest to Social Workers.  ANZASW also publishes every two months an e-newsletter called Notice Board>> that contains up-to-date information about the activities of the Association. Members can receive Notice Board either by email or as a printed version free of charge.

ANZASW Publications

  • ANZASW is independent which enables the Association to have a voice in political and public arenas.
  • Media presence
  • Recognised source of information about social work and  social services
  • Comment on current issues – eg housing, child poverty,  inequality, mandatory registration of social workers, individual  client level data collection
  • Feature social workers and their work


ANZASW Advocacy

All members are now covered by a $1500 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit, including $500 spouse coverage and a further $500 coverage on dependent children. This is an automatic membership benefit of belonging to ANZASW.

Members also have the option to increase their coverage by an additional $10,000 which costs just $2 for the first year…

AIL of New Zealand Ltd: Special $10,000 Benefit

In addition to these services, members also have the opportunity to benefit from participation in ANZASW in the following five ways. All of these benefits of membership rely more heavily on the motivation of the individual and their willingness to actively participate in the work of the Association at either a local or national level:

Involvement in developing an indigenous model of social work for Aotearoa New Zealand, with a unique code of practice set in the context of a meaningful partnership with Tangata Whenua Takawaenga o Aotearoa.

Participation also provides the opportunity to learn or develop skills that members may not otherwise have the opportunity to develop. Possible examples include: writing for the journal, publicity, media work, publishing, conference organisation, the governance role in running an organisation and submission writing.

Through involvement with ANZASW, both at a local and national level, members are able to develop a range of social work contacts in many agencies throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Getting Involved


Member Forum


Support for Research: ANZASW supports practitioner led research through the provision of ethical advice and access to the members as a potential source of research participants.

Participating in research counts for cpd hours eg Practice Standard 8: The social worker demonstrates commitment and contribution to social change and social development

Support for Research

ANZASW is affiliated to the International Federation of Social Work and sends representatives to world and regional Asia Pacific conferences, and in this way provides members with a mechanism to learn about and influence global social work issues.

Does this sound like something you’d like to be part of?  Want to Join & become a Member?