Celebrating Rachel, Lucy and Dennis on World Day of Social Justice

‘Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need’ (NASW, 2016, para.2). Kia ora everyone, As some of you may know, Saturday the 20thof February is World Day of Social Justice. As part of our […]

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IFSW General Meeting 24-25 June 2016 Seoul Korea

Information about the IFSW General Meeting and the associated Agenda Items can be found at http://ifsw.org/generalmeeting2016/ Members are encouraged to have a look at Agenda papers and feed any comments or views back to me. lucysandford-reed@anzasw.nz The Aotearoa New Zealand IFSW Co-ordinating Body is the body that votes on IFSW matters on behalf of both ANZASW and TWSWA.  The ANZASW […]

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ANZASW Submission on the Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan 2016-2020

Social work practice is about providing assistance, understanding and encouragement to sensitive,
stressed and vulnerable clients. Social workers are focused on improving clients’ wellbeing whilst
effecting long term change. Our members have a significant professional interest in the potential or
intended affects the Mental Health and Addiction Workforce Action Plan 2016-2020 will have on
their ability to help clients.

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World Cancer Day 4th February – Celebrating Pauline Farquhar

Kia ora everyone, As some of you may know, Thursday the 4th of February is International Cancer Day. As part of our national initiative of celebrating ANZASW Social Workers I would like to celebrate the wonderful work ANZASW member Pauline Farquhar from the Cancer Society does as leader of the Central Districts Supportive Care Team (https://central-districts.cancernz.org.nz/en/?divisionId=19). The Cancer Society is […]

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ANZASW TPP Press Release

The Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Social Workers (ANZASW) is opposed to the impending signing of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement on the 4th of February in Auckland, New Zealand. The concerns surrounding the TPP and its potential as a catalyst for social and human rights injustices have led the ANZASW to look closely at this trade agreement. There […]

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ANZASW Campaign Update – January 2016

Kia ora everyone, Happy New Year, I hope the festive season treated you all well and you are getting into the swing of things again. Thought I would give you all a wee update in regards to the action points I spoke about just prior to Christmas. Sector Newsletter – I will be contacting newsletter editors in the majority of […]

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ANZASW Campaign Update for 2016

Kia Ora Everyone, I thought it would be timely for me to let you all know what plans are underway for 2016 in regards to the campaign. My role as Campaign Coordinator is to promote the ANZASW as the ‘voice’ of the profession and so, with that said, I have been working hard the last 10 weeks to create a […]

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International Migrants Day – CHCH Resettlement Services

Kia ora everyone, As some of you may know, Friday the 18th of December is International Migrants Day. With that said, I would like to celebrate the wonderful work the Social Work team from Christchurch Resettlement Services (http://www.crs.org.nz/) do within the migrant and refugee community in Christchurch where a number of our members work. The services that Christchurch Resettlement Services […]

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