Blog #6 Books I’m reading!

A very short blog today – I’ve got a few underway and I decided it was high time I finished one and published it!!

What are you reading at the moment? Do you read for pleasure? What do you enjoy?

Currently I’m reading “Curious” by Ian Leslie. He describes curiosity as the “fourth drive” of human nature. “Curious learners go deep, and they go wide> they are the people best equipped for the kind of knowledge-rich, cognitively challenging work required in industries like finance or software engineering. They are also the ones most likely to make creative connections between different fields, of the kind that leads to new ides, and the ones best suited to working in multidisciplinary teams” I hope I am curious!! I hope that social workers are curious. It is the best way for us to go on growing and developing our profession.

I’m also reading “Being a hero. Understanding and preventing suicide in your community” by Michael Hempseed. Michael is a Christchurch based counsellor, speaker, and youth worker. He presented a webinar for us just before World Suicide Awareness day. His book is practical and sensible, and has good ideas and actions for everyone to take.

I’ve recently finished “Factfulness” by Hans Rosling with Ola and Anna Rosling. It’s an interesting book which provides a lot of facts which refute many of the arguments that the world is worse than it was 10, 20, 30 and more years ago.

I’ve got “The coddling of the American mind” by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathon Haidt waiting for me to have more time!!

I had a social worker recently recommend “The emotionally intelligent social worker” by David Howe. It’s in the ANZASW Amazon book shop. If you buy a book through our book shop, ANZASW gets some of the money!! Win, win all round.

I usually have a talking book going on my car CD player. My local library has a huge range of talking books. I much prefer listening to them than to the radio or music CDs while I am travelling. It also means I can keep listening, even when I am not in a good area for radio reception – which happens quite a lot travelling NZ roads. I have listened to a huge range of books this way. Currently I’m listening to Margaret Attwood’s “The Testaments”. It’s the sequel to “The Handmaid’s Tale” which I first read many years ago as a university student.

In this job I need to do a lot more reading than in previous positions – journals, relevant articles, current affairs, texts etc – even so, it feels as if I don’t get enough time to read everything that I want to. I have a heap of books waiting to be read – fiction as well as non-fiction, and I also try to keep up with current affairs and recent research.

Let us know what you are reading and what you recommend. I’d certainly recommend all the books I’ve mentioned above.

Mauri ora,