Anne’s Intro & Rules

Over the last year I have enjoyed my interactions with members of ANZASW and other social workers. There have often been times when I have wanted to bring up issues or get feed-back from members about incidents or questions. The two monthly NoticeBoard doesn’t really happen frequently enough for me. Sooooo, I have decided to start writing a blog. Initially […]

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Blog #1 Social Workers and Technology or Technology for Social Workers?

I was listening to a pod cast (this is an amazing website – heaps of great podcasts to listen to) the other day about social work, robots and technology and was very interested in the presenter’s comments. He stated that when the telephone was first invented, social workers were quick to start using it, but now social workers often appear reluctant to use technology. This has also been my observation. I am concerned that social workers are being left behind in the development and the use of various technologies that could enhance our work. I hear social workers saying that social work is about building relationships – but actually it is more than that. It is about making sure that every citizen has the tools, capability and connections to build relationships – and if we think about it like that, maybe technology has more to offer?

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The KokoTālā App: Planning for a Brighter Future

KokoTālā is a tech start-up based in Mangere, Auckland. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for people to change their spending habits and financial behaviours and to empower them to dream big through saving and investing. We believe that the small changes we make every day create tiny gains that in turn create significant and positive financial effects over time. Users will be able to set a daily spending target, and save and connect with their family and friends, or even larger groups like a community or village.

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The professional use of social media by social workers in Aotearoa New Zealand: What do we think? And what do we need to know?

Thursday 30th May 2019, 12.30-1.30pm PowerPoint Video   Presenter: Deb Stanfield   Deb Stanfield is a registered social worker in Aotearoa New Zealand and member of ANZASW, currently employed as a social work educator and supervisor. She recently completed a PhD in Social Work at the University of Auckland; her research was about the relationship between social workers and social […]

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ANZASW AGM & Continuing Professional Development Event 2018

Theme: Talatalanoa - Effecting Positive Change through Meaningful Conversations Hosted by the ANZASW's Pasifika Group Friday 21st September 2018 Mandatory Registration & the Professionalization of Social Work Presented by Minister Carmel Sepuloni, SWRB CEO Sarah Clark & ANZASW Board President Shannon Pakura Swagnificent: Voices of Resiliency in Samoan Young People's involvement in NZ Blood Gangs Presented by Dr Moses Faleolo [...] » Read more

Webinar: Indigenous Evaluation – Using Traditional Knowledge to Guide Evaluation Theory and Practice

View Webinar>> How and in what ways can indigenous evaluators and indigenous communities draw upon traditional knowledge to guide evaluation theory and practice? In this webinar, experienced evaluator Kataraina Pipi (Ngati Porou, Ngati Hine) will host four indigenous keynote speakers from the Mā Te Rae Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Evaluation. Join Kataraina, along with Paora Messiah Te Hurihanganui (Ngāti Rangiwewehi […]

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Discussion on Social Work & Human Rights at the National & Global Level with Rory Truell & Emanuel Stoakes

Earlier this month ANZASW initiated a professional discussion with Rory Truell, Secretary General of the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW), for World Human Rights Day. In the 4 videos we explore several aspects of the relationship between social work and human rights at the national and global level

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