Being with Horses

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Date(s) - 01/01/2020 - 31/12/2020
12:00 am


Offering individualised equine assisted growth and development sessions and

programmes in collaboration with our herd of nine horses.equine 

Why horses?

Horses are widely believed to be able to mirror the emotions of people. They react to our energy and intentions and in doing so can show us how we are responding to our challenges.

The horse will know if you are being authentic and expressing the emotions you truly are experiencing and can give you feedback very quickly.

Our facilitators can assist clients to identify what the horse is attempting to communicate and provide guidance to enable the client to learn valuable lessons about ways to use their energy, become more self-aware and empathetic, identify feelings, and build self-esteem, confidence and trust.

Our team has a deep understanding and knowledge of the horses we work with, their

natures, strengths and unique characters. We are all trained allied health professionals with wide ranging experience in mental health, intellectual disability, child youth and family, trauma and the elderly. Safety of humans and horses is paramount and we are highly skilled at managing and responding to risks.

Sessions are client led, responding to the needs of both the client and the horse as the arise. Sessions can include a wide variety of interactions and activities working with the

horses on the ground (not riding). 

We view the horse as a partner, a facilitator in their own right rather than a tool to achieve a desired ego-driven goal.

Clients will often need to be accompanied by a support person who can assist with the physical and emotional well-being of the client during and after the session.

Sessions will run for a minimum of an hour and can incorporate observation, mindfulness, breathing, connecting with and developing a relationship with the horse, grooming and touching, leading activities using a variety of obstacles and other Equine Assisted Activities. As well as therapeutic exercises to help clients process any challenges with life they may have.

There is immense value in simply being in nature, in close proximity with horses as they graze and interact with each other.

The Being with Horses team comprises of: 

Erena Wraight. NZ Reg Occupational Therapist, owner of the land and majority of the horses, riding and training coach and previous RDA coach.

ph. 0210704034,


Julie Smith. NZ Reg Social Worker with over 12 years experience working with children and adults. Owner of Buzz, attendee of two Horse Sense Equine Psychotherapy courses and previously facilitator of Being With Horses programme for children and youth, Family Works, Upper Hutt 2018.

ph. 021944459  

Nicki Smith. Mental Health Support Worker, owner of Jaspa, previous RDA coach and manager and attendee of two Horse Sense Equine Psychotherapy courses.

ph. 0274870281



Individual sessions           $80.00 up to 1.5 hour session – minimum an hour 

Groups 4-6 people             $400.00 half day 3.5 hours

can vary depending on needs of group