Online Workshop: Sowing and Growing the Seeds of Compassion and Kindness

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Date(s) - 09/03/2021
9:30 am - 11:30 am


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Presented by: The Collaborative Trust

Research has found that compassion is a response that has ensured our survival. Putting compassion and kindness into action repeatedly with awareness, continues to ensure not only our basic biological survival, but it also optimises our physical and psychological wellbeing. How do compassion and kindness benefit us?

  • Prosocial behaviours increase happiness and so does self-esteem for yourself and others.
  • Being kind improves how others see and accept you and how you see others and accept others.
  • Kindness leads to reductions in risks for disease and increases our immunity.
  • Neural networks related to reward fire when we’re kind, and when we see others experience kindness.
  • We feel more connected and anchored to and with each other.

So, compassion and kindness are not simply suitable for others. In fact, extending these to ourselves (self-compassion) is considered to be valuable, as well. How do we model self-compassion and then extend it to others? How can we remind our youth that compassion is a worthwhile endeavour? In this workshop we explore both the theoretical and the practical.

Cost: $60.00 + GST

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