Frequently Asked Questions

What letters can I use after my name?

The 2002 AGM of ANZASW resolved that the letters “MANZASW” may only be used by Full Members of ANZASW. Non-practising members who hold a current Certificate of Competency may also use the letters “MANZASW”.
Provisional members are limited to using the letters “ANZASW (Provisional)” and other non-practising members (e.g. students, retired, long-term leave etc) who do not hold a current Certificate of Competency should use the letters “ANZASW (Non practising)”


What are the options available to me for paying ANZASW?

It is possible to pay by:

  • credit card – Visa / Master card. If you wish to pay by credit card, then please contact National Office for a form to complete, or alternatively give us a call, or write your details (card number, expiry date and name on card) on the invoice and post/ fax it back to us – 03 349 0191.
  • cheque – incl bank cheques
  • internet banking – The ANZASW bank account number is on every invoice. Please be sure to quote your name, invoice or membership code as a reference on our bank statement.
  • automatic payment – either weekly or fortnightly and the invoice must be paid in full within 12 months of the date on the invoice. Please contact National office for the automatic payment forms. Please also be sure to quote your name or membership code as a reference on our bank statement.

NB: Due to the cost of processing, we no longer accept NZ Post Money Orders; Diners Club or Amex cards.

Does your workplace pay your invoice?

Please ensure that we have the correct information in our system to allow your workplace to pay your invoice promptly. If they are paying by direct credit, please ensure that they make reference to you on our bank statement or ideally, post/email us a remittance advice. Please remember that the responsibility for payment is with you the member, so be sure to follow this up with your employer.

Do you work for Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children?

MSD policy allows ANZASW to add your membership or competency assessment fee to a bulk invoice. This is the fastest way to have your invoices cleared from your account.  If you work for Oranga Tamariki and you have received an invoice from us, then please contact us ASAP.

Why do some of my colleagues receive email updates from the Association, but I don’t?

Please be sure to update National Office with the email address that you would prefer us to send messages to, as well as ensuring your profile on our website is up-to-date. In doing this, please be sure that you are able to receive attachments that will not be filtered off or sent to SPAM on arrival. Please also be sure to keep your mailbox in order, as many messages are returned to us due to the recipients inbox being too full.

Have you had a change in employment circumstances?

Please note that it is vital that you advise National Office as soon as possible if your circumstances change with regards to your employment – especially where it affects invoicing. This applies if you are on long-term leave (e.g. maternity leave; sick leave; or working/living overseas); undertaking full-time Social Work study (first formal qualification); become unemployed; or retire.


Wondering about Competency Assessment?



Do you wish to resign from ANZASW?

Please note that National Office must be advised, in writing, of all intentions to resign from the Association. Please also ensure that your account is up-to-date, as this may have an impact should you wish to rejoin at a later date.  Unpaid accounts may also be referred to a collection agency.

The Association has many members, who are no longer working, that have transferred to non-practicing status in order to maintain their membership. They still receive all of the Associations publications, have the same voting rights as other members and have access to the website. Before resigning from the Association, please consider discussing with us whether or not you may fit into this category of membership.