John Dunlop: End of Professional Life

Thursday 01 September 2016 12pm-1pm


When having had a long term vocation in the social service field some social workers look forward to retirement others cease paid work but continue to commit to community via roles in NGO’s, advisory roles, becoming part of systematic policy reviews or maintain political questions via a social justice energy. Others happily cease to have any involvement in the life that has been their career.

John Dunlop who has been in private practice for 27 years and before that 17 years in DSW is reflecting on how he has taken steps over the last 5 years to reduce his practice and also consider what ways he can continue to use some of his skills in a way that follows a non-social work interest but applies community development approaches to his chosen retirement activity. He has also grappled with challenges about what records to keep and how to dispose of records for people he has seen and be available to acknowledge who have received professional services from him. Another challenge has been when and how to take steps towards applying to be non-practicing both within ANZASW and SWRB.

There are some tasks he believes that can be undertaken that do not require a social worker to be deemed practicing and this is outlined in a Crown Law opinion and confirmed in a legal opinion sought on behalf of ANZASW members. He will talk through this and what has led to his decision to become de-registered.  He has found that to seek to do a few hours a week is not professionally and financially sustainable and through this realises that having to choose to be deregistered or even to be non-practicing becomes an all or nothing option.

This webinar will be of most interest to members about to gain “gold card” status or perhaps are downsizing. It will be of particular interest to those in private practice or in consultancy roles.

End of professional life ANZASW Presentation