The journal is now open access

The ANZASW is delighted to announce the first issue of our new free, open access version of Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work hosted by the University of Otago library service. The open access journal includes an archive of back issues from issue 25(1) in 2013. Over time we will add to the archive. The online, open access journal will take the place of our paper based distribution (although please note that we have one final paper based issue of Te Komako 27(4) that will be published shortly). The journal will continue to be available to universities, polytechnics and other institutions using the Informit and/or EBSCOhost databases.

Members are encouraged to subscribe to the online journal in order to receive updates on new publications and other journal related notices. Colleagues interested in writing for the journal should also subscribe and use the online system to submit content. Advice for authors, and other journal related information, is available on the site. Please note the web address of the journal is like ANZASW but without the A (it reflects the name of the journal Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work, rather than the association). We hope you enjoy your new look journal:


  • Neil Ballantyne

    Sure Caz, you can download the pdfs of each article and print them off.

    See here for a hint

  • Caz Thomson

    Hi, Is there any way of printing it out to read? Not only do I prefer a hard copy, it’s easier to cart around and read it when I have a spare moment.

  • David McNabb

    Great work team! This will help share the good news about social work in Aotearoa.