Lana Doyle


Registered: Yes
Contact Phone Number:  0210355750
Hours of Operation  ·         Weekdays 9-5
Bulk Billing Option:  Yes
Client Types:  ·         Adolescent

·         Adult

·         Older Adult

·         Couple

·         Family

·         Community

·         Organisation

·         Group

Qualifications:  BA Sociology, Diploma Social Work
Profile:  A Registered Social worker with 20 years experience.
Providing external supervision and social work services in the Hawkes Bay community.
-Professional individual Supervision
-Peer Supervision
-Live Supervision
-Professional development training
-Student supervision and support
-Social Work Assessments and report writing
-Solutions-focused support and intervention
General: ·         Case management
Skill Development: ·         Life/personal coaching

·         Life transition & adjustment

Relationships: ·         Carer support

·         Conflict resolution

·         Mediation

·         Relationships

Workplace: ·         Workplace stress

·         Workplace bullying

·         Workplace coaching