Motivational Interviewing: An interactive & engaging online MI course for Key Workers

Motivational Interviewing is now recognised as a core approach to client intervention. It is universally accepted that without intrinsic motivation, that is motivation that comes from the client themselves, little will change in the long term. Therefore to encourage positive change and reduce problem behaviour, working to evoke change talk has become a critical skill for key workers.

“This course compliments the existing skills I have and has provided me with the ability to better support the men and women I work with. I completed this course feeling so enthusiastic about the possibilities… I’ve already applied the new skills to my practice. Thank you”
Probation Officer Northern Territories Corrections

Learners will…
 Identify and understand the fundamental theory of motivational interviewing
 Analyse, deconstruct and differentiate between MI and non-MI adherent practice
 Interpret and implement the key principles of motivational techniques
 Examine and apply motivational interviewing skills and tools in their practice with clients
 Evaluate and critique their own practice with regards to Motivational Interviewing
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What the course series covers
 An introduction to MI including a brief look at motivation itself
 The underlying spirit of MI and why it is so vital in resolving ambivalence and changing behaviour
 The four fundamental processes of MI which include engaging, focussing, evoking and planning
 Recognising and working with change and sustain talk to build and consolidate a client’s commitment to change
The core skills (OARS) needed to guide clients toward change
 Various techniques and strategies the MI practitioner can utilise to assist clients to make positive changes

Foundational Courses 1 – 6
An interactive and engaging online MI course for Key Workers

Packed with features
 Over 3hrs of media included across all six courses
 Interactive quizzes and activities will keep learners interested and engaged
 Pre and post testing allows users to track progress and measure improvements
 Innovative follow up system that supports on-going learning transfer
 Companion workbooks provide over 130 pages of material incl. BONUS content
Click here to check out a free sample of the course!

 Covers the full scope of MI skills and theory at a foundational level
 Up skill a large number of staff with one effective, easy to use, enjoyable resource
 Fits with your schedule. Complete the full course or utilise specific modules to target key skills
 Complete exclusively online or as a blended course
 Blended learning provides the perfect platform for those new to online learning
 Supported on your LMS or ours
 Offline version available for closed systems
 Support training (including TTT) available upon request
 Licensing options available

Licencing Options
HMA offers a number of licencing options for this e-Learning
Plan 1: Individual License -$229 (excl. GST)
Plan 2: Workplace license (50 places) – $9,500 (excl. GST) = $190 pp Save 17%
Plan 3: Workplace license (300 places) – $40,000 (excl. GST) = = $133 pp Save 42%

What does my license cover?
 Registration fee for the Totara site and administration costs to get you started
 Unlimited access to the module for a twelve month period
 6 months of on-going practice reminders to help consolidate participants learning
 Regular updates to the package
 Samples of other packages that may be of interest

For large workplaces the packages can also be loaded onto the organisations own LMS as it is a SCORM compliant package.

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