Practising Student: S14 registration pathway

If you are employed in a social work position and are studying towards your SWRB-recognised qualification but will not complete your degree by the time mandatory registration comes into effect in early 2021, you may still be eligible to apply for provisional registration.

All practising social workers must be registered by 27th February 2021.

Criteria for registration as a practising student

You will be eligible to apply for registration through the Practising Student pathway if you:

  • were employed in a social work role while enrolled in a SWRB-recognised social work qualification before 27 February 2019
  • are still completing your study and are currently employed in a social work role
  • can provide evidence of at least 2 years’ social work experience in Aotearoa New Zealand

If you meet ALL of these criteria, go to MySWRB and create an account. Enter and save your details on the first page, then request an application form by contacting the SWRB at

Documents you will need

You will need to provide the following documents:

  • Practising students: S14 application template
    • In this template you tell us about:
      ― your programme of study
      ― your social work employment history
      ― contact details for your employer, supervisor, and educator (who will be asked to provide endorsement on your competence and fitness to practise social work)
      ― your fitness to practise social work)
  • Two forms of ID, one of which must be photographic. You will need to provide one from each of the following lists:
Primary ID Secondary ID
― Passport (NZ or overseas)
― NZ Firearms License
― NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued on or after 1998)
― NZ Citizenship Certificate
― NZ Refugee Travel Document
― NZ Emergency Travel Document
― NZ Certificate of Identity
― NZ Driver License
― 18+ card
― NZ Full Birth Certificate (issued before 1998)
― Community Services Card
― SuperGold Card
― NZ Student Photo Identification Card
― International Driving Permit

Please also provide a photo (selfie is fine) of you holding your photographic ID so we can confirm the ID belongs to you.

If your name has changed but your identification does not reflect that, please also provide supporting documentation e.g. copy of particulars of marriage or civil union certificate.

Like all applicants for registration, you will be required to undergo NZ Police vetting.

If the SWRB Board requires further assurance of your competence, you may be asked to complete a full competence assessment, at your own cost, before a decision will be made on your application.

Registration fee

The registration application fee is $345.00. We will send you an invoice after you have submitted your application.

If your application is successful

To maintain provisional registration as a practising student, you will be required to:

  • provide evidence of your enrolment in an SWRB-recognised programme each semester
  • remain in your current employment unless a change is agreed by the SWRB
  • provide an annual endorsement from your employer
  • engage in a minimum of monthly professional supervision with a registered social worker who will provide an annual supervision report to the SWRB
  • submit your CPD log for audit every year

The SWRB Board may also require other conditions.

You may be provisionally registered for no more than 8 years in total. Completion of your SWRB recognised qualification is a prerequisite for full registration.

Principles and criteria for Practising student: S14 registration pathway

Principles Criteria
Experienced Provides evidence of at least 2 years’ social work experience
Knowledgeable & competent Is enrolled in a SWRB-recognised social work qualification, and in the context of their current employment demonstrates:

  • an understanding of social work theory and models of practice
  • competence to practice social work with Māori
  • competence to practise social work with different ethnic and cultural groups in New Zealand.
Skilled Can call on others who will verify and vouch for their social work practice skills in the context of their current employment.
Fit and proper Meets the current SWRB requirements to provide assurance of safe practice. Practises in accordance with the Code of Conduct.
Professionally connected Identifies a range of professional connections within social work and engages in regular supervision
Ethical and reflective Provides evidence of ethical and reflective practice and practises within the SWRB Code of Conduct and the ANZASW Code of Ethics.
Endorsed Can call on the support of other registered social workers to provide assurance of competence and quality