Reasons why I value my membership with ANZASW…

Because I am proudly accountable to the Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics represents our professional identity, our collective aspirations and is a key point of reference for informing our ethical decision making.

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Because I am part of a community of more than 3,300 fellow social workers

Through involvement with ANZASW, both at a local and national level, members are able to develop a range of social work contacts in many agencies throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Because I receive regular information and opportunities through eNotices, NoticeBoard Kete and other publications

All members of ANZASW have access to the free online quarterly professional journal called Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work Journal>> with articles, papers, opinions, reviews and other items of interest to Social Workers.  ANZASW also publishes every two months an e-newsletter called NoticeBoard>> that contains up-to-date information about the activities of the Association. ANZASW also sends a fortnightly e-Notice email with information about social work job vacancies, CPD, conferences & notices

Because I can participate in CPD and networking for free or at member prices

Because I can easily record my CPD on an Online Log that was especially developed for me

My Online CPD Log has been developed for ANZASW Members in collaboration with the SWRB.  It has been approved and will be accepted by the SWRB AND if you complete the ANZASW Online CPD Log, you do not need to complete the SWRB Log. It is a secure mobile responsive, simple solution

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Because I can access professional advice when required

Because I can promote my practice through the Supervisor Listing or Find a Social Worker portal

Because my voice is heard in Government through submissions and consultations

Working with and on behalf of its members, ANZASW plays an active role in making submissions on a variety of government policy programmes and legislative changes.

As part of the submission process members are approached to participate in providing direct input. In addition if you are aware of other policy or legislative issues that you believe ANZASW should be making comment on then please also contact National Office.

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Because I can see the latest job opportunities through the Job Centre Portal

Because my skills and expertise are promoted to key decision makers, the public and other professionals

Because professional indemnity and public liability insurance are an integral part of my membership

As well as the core policy cover the additional benefits available through the ANZASW scheme represent real value to members, not the least of which is the independence it affords them in the event of a problem arising. Their employers, on the other hand, may not see this independence in the same light as it reduces the employer’s control over the employee at a time when the employee might otherwise be particularly vulnerable and dependent on the employer. In fact the primary driving force behind the establishment of ANZASW’s cover was a situation where two employee social workers were denied access to the employer’s indemnity policy and had to face a claim over their professional competence unprotected by insurance.

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