Responsibility of Members

Nothing in life worth having is free and membership of ANZASW is no different. Once you become a member of the Association you must accept the following responsibilities:

If you are a Provisional Member, to refer to and represent yourself at all times as a Provisional Member until such time as you are admitted and accepted as a Full Member.

  • To be bound by the Rules in the ANZASW Constitution and Standing Orders
  • To be bound by the ANZASW Code of Ethics
  • To update ANZASW whenever your personal details change (change of address, email, phone number, workplace, work role etc) to ensure the membership database is accurate.
  • To inform ANZASW if you are practicing social work in another country and arrange for your membership category to be changed to non-practicing (as membership is based on NZ practice).
  • To inform ANZASW of any charges or convictions for any criminal or driving offence as soon as practical following the offence.
  • To inform ANZASW of any complaint in relation to your professional practice or any disciplinary action being taken by your employer or other official body.
  • To co-operate and not to resign if a complaint has been received by the Association against you, pending resolution of the complaint
  • To be bound by and comply with any decision and order which may apply to you as an outcome of the ANZASW complaints resolution process
  • To pay any sums invoiced to you by ANZASW by the due date or make arrangements for an alternative payment arrangement. This covers all membership dues, fines, compensation, penalty and other levies or monies required or imposed in accordance with the ANZASW Constitution.
  • To maintain adequate professional indemnity insurance cover at all times through the Association’s insurers.