Social Work Review Issue 16 Autumn



Launch of the Social Workers Registration Act 2003 

Building an ethical social work profession
Merv Hancock

A contemporary framework for the accountability of social workers practice 
Imelda Dodds

Canterbury celebrates – looking back as we move toward to the future 
Lynne Briggs


Maximising risk in child protection – A response to Morley (2003) 
Tony Stanley

Critical incident responses in secondary schools in Aotearoa New Zealand: Are we doing justice to our adolescents? 
Kate Stewart

Sexual abuse counsellors’ responses to stress and trauma: a social work perspective 
Margaret Pack

Exorcising the demons from within: Bleeding out pain through acts of self-harm 
Janine Ritchie and Craig Ashcroft

Risk, social work and the third way: The hazards of ignorance and the opportunities of knowledge 
Ross Phillips


Book Reviews