Social Work Review Issue 16 Spring



Critical Issues and Debates

Social workers and cross-disciplinary supervision 
Kieran O’Donoghue

Convening family group conferences: Coordinators talk about professional issues 
Marie Connolly

Placing the at-risk child – issues and challenges 
Jill Worrall

Harm minimisation vs zero tolerance: A comparative study of press reporting of the Victorian street prostitution debate
Philip Mendes

Defensive social work: Square peg – round hole 
Pam Smith

Good Practice

Good practice in community development work: Towards community well-being 
Love Chile

Keeping kids off the suspension merry-go-round – a restorative conferencing project in schools
Sandy Gibbard

A model for the new frontier of social work: Using respect, empathy, curiosity and time 
Vaughan Milner


Social Services Digest April-August 2004

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