Social Work Review Issue 18 Summer


Guest Editorial


Gatekeeping or redressing social exclusion: Expectations on social work educators in relation to incarcerated students
Beth Crisp

An Aotearoa primer on ʻfit and properʼ – School version
Barbara Staniforth and Christa Fouché

Exploring the aims of social work field education in the registration environment
Kathryn Hay, Kieran O’Donoghue and Jenny Blagdon

Developing e-learning in problem- based distance social work education
Nancy McGregor, Claire Perry and Pat Shannon

Developing a robust professional identity: Stories from practice
Brenda Clare

The ʻLearning Labʼ concept – A recommended approach to practitioner practice development within social work organisations
Cherie Appleton and Nicki Weld

Stress, trauma and critical incidents: The challenge for social work education
Carole Adamson

Noho Marae learning – Eternalised through the experience
Vaiolesi Passells and Judith Ackroyd

Tuia te whakaaroa rua kia tina – Working together, learning to understand each other, enhancing our wellbeing
Pauline Ward

The place of structural-self reflexivity in our ongoing educational journey as social workers
Andrew Lynch

Practitioner scholarship and civic literacy; Will registration lift the game?
Phil Harington

Registration and continuing education for social work in New Zealand – what about the workers?
Liz Beddoe


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