Social Work Review Issue 20 (2) – Vintage Issue


Kieran O’Donoghue 

Introduction: Remembering, reflection and action: The evolution of the Aotearoa New Zealand Social Work journal
Margaret McKenzie and Mary Nash 

1965 – 1973

Social work and human rights: An introduction
Mike O’Brien 

Guest editorial… Human rights and the social worker
Sir Guy Powles, Ombudsman

Finland 1968
Miss Avery Jack

The journey of a profession: An introduction
Liz Beddoe 

The relation of the university to the profession of social work
James E. Ritchie 

1974 – 1983

Community Development then and now
Gavin Rennie 

ICA Chicago style
Trish Hall 

Then and now
Margaret McKenzie

Guest editorial
John McCreary 

Social work education in New Zealand: Ideological bases of current debates
Jennie Pilalis 

1984 – 1993

The personal and the political: An introduction
Mary Nash 

Changing directions?
Anne Opie

Introduction to the baby and the bathwater
Sarah Fraser 

Putting the baby back in the bathwater: Re-thinking the practice curriculum in social work education
Leon C Fulcher

1994 – 2003

Looking back on looking forward: Re-introducing Merv Hancock’s article ten years on
Kate van Heugten 

The social work profession: Now and in the next ten years
Merv Hancock 

Encouragement with good strategies as well
Mary Ann Baskerville 

You should write that up: Getting practitioners started on writing for publication
Margaret McKenzie 


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