Social Work Review Issue 21 (1 and 2)


Kieran O’Donoghue and Mary Nash 


Social work and the practice of social justice: An initial overview
Michael O’Brien 

Will prohibiting the use of physical punishment reduce child abuse deaths among New Zealand children?
Sophie Trevathan and Lynne Briggs 

Appraising the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual against Recovery philosophies in elderly dementia
Robyn Aldrich 

Nurturing social capital in local communities
Sally Denley 

Bringing practice into theory: Reflective practice and attachment theory
Maree Foley, Mary Nash and Robyn Munford

Finding ‘a safe place to cry’: A review of research and evidence informing social work with refugees and new settlers in Aotearoa New Zealand
Jenny Pepworth and Mary Nash 

Caucusing: Creating a space to confront our fears
Rebecca Giles and Shirley Rivers 

Practice Notes

Equal value: A Swedish school implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child
Pia Sandström 


Book Reviews 

Guidelines for contributors