Social Work Review Issue 22 (2)


Mary Nash 



The ageing demographic transition: The impact on elderly and social workers
Robyn Aldrich 

‘Without my faith I would break into pieces.’ Supporting elder family members: Implications for social work policy and practice
Judy Wivell and Diane Mara 

Practitioner research made easier: A report on the GRIP project
Liz Beddoe, Deborah Yates, Christa Fouché and Phil Harington

Working with ‘risk’: It’s more than just an assessment idea
Tony Stanley 

Parenting adopted children and supporting adoptive parents: Messages from research
Anita Gibbs 

Practice Notes

Serendipity – Surprises in critical reflection on supervision
Helen Simmons and Charmaine Wheeler

An experience with the Council of International Fellowship
Cathie Withington 


Book Reviews 

Guidelines for contributors