Social Work Review Issue 23 (1 and 2)


Editorial – Looking north
Mike O’Brien 

Welfare services in Sweden – with New Zealand comments
Kerstin Gynnerstedt 


Personal assistance in Sweden – Support and service for persons with certain functional impairments
Kerstin Gynnerstedt and Hans Bengtsson 

Life conditions for families, children and young people with disabilities
Barbro Blomberg & Maria Wolmesjö 

Management in care of older persons and persons with disabilities in Sweden
Maria Wolmesjö & Annelie Gollungberg 

Supported housing and housing support for the psychiatrically disabled – Background, population, policies, practices and current challenges
David Brunt & Lena Tibblin 

Informal care of the elderly in Sweden – Carers’ situation
Björn Albin, Christina Siwertsson & Jan-Olof Svensson 


Appendix One. Some facts about the two countries 

Book reviews 

Guidelines for contributors