Social Work Review Issue 25 (4)


Mary Nash


The White Paper for Vulnerable Children and the Munro Review of Child Protection in England: a comparative critique
Ian Hyslop

The Power of One: Why auto-ethnography, solo service-user voice and reflective case study analysis are useful strategies for researching family-centred social work practice
Anita Gibbs

Interprofessional supervision in social work and psychology in Aotearoa New Zealand
Fiona M. Howard, Liz Beddoe and Aqeela Mowjood

Social work and the media: A collaborative challenge
Deb Stanfield and Liz Beddoe

What’s happening in Taranaki? Social workers and the environment
Lesley Pitt

Young people’s participation in service evaluation
Michael Gaffney and Jenny Munro, with Ben Inns, Damian Morgan-Hudson, Kymberley Kennedy, Lisa Nyman and Marina Buckley

Strengths in action: A pilot study of a strengths development programme within tertiary education utilising the Clifton StrengthsQuest™ & narratives of strengths interviews
K. Ingamells, K. Napan and S. Gasquoine

Practice Notes

Social work in health – The way ahead
Gregory Winkelmann LlB, MSW, MANZASW.


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