Social Work Review Issue 27 (1+2)


Editorial: The future vision for social work practice?
Kieran O’Donoghue


Tiromoana and Taranaki House: A tale of their times
Barbara Staniforth

Animals and social work: An emerging field of practice for Aotearoa New Zealand
Peter Walker, Jenny Aimers and Claire Perry

Thinking of moving overseas? Reflections from a social worker’s journey of migration to New Zealand
Helen Barker Troughton

Finding home: South African migration to New Zealand
Christine Winbush and Rachael Selby

Engaging dads: Enhancing support for fathers through parenting programmes
Lisa Glynn and Michael Dale

‘Is a funeral a right?‘ Exploring indigent funerals from social work perspectives
Philippa Thompson and Polly Yeung


Book reviews

Guidelines for contributors