Social Work Review Issue 27 (3)


Mary Nash and Kieran O’Donoghue


Reflections on the new Scottish innovative child protection system
Robyn Agnew

‘Moving beyond violence’: Exploring new ways to support women and develop networked approaches following intimate partner violence
Ruth Panelli, Tina Mongston, Fiona Young with Anna, Elizabeth, Katie, and N.D

Prevalence and associated factors of elder abuse in a community-dwelling population of Aotearoa New Zealand: A cross-sectional study
Polly Yeung, Lareen Cooper, Michael Dale

Advancing social work professionalism: Standards for management and leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand
Mike Webster, David McNabb, and John Darroch

Toward equal participation: An auto-ethnography of facilitating consultations in the refugee sector
Sue Elliott

Volunteer peer supervision: In an ever-changing social service environment
Jason Rushton

A review of a primary mental health service 10 years on
Sarah Taylor


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