Submissions & Responses

pdficon_small  Guide to Advocacy & Lobbying March 2017

Working with and on behalf of its members, ANZASW plays an active role in making submissions on a variety of government policy programmes and legislative changes.

As part of the submission process members are approached to participate in providing direct input. In addition if you are aware of other policy or legislative issues that you believe ANZASW should be making comment on then please also contact National Office.

Review of the New Zealand Health & Disability Sector


Those wanting to be involved, check whether there are any workshops near you

Draft Terms of Reference>>

Chair: Helen Simpson

Interim report July 2019, Final Report January 2020

The Welfare Expert Advisory Group

NZHerald 28 May 2018: Expert Panel to advise on welfare system overhaul announced

Chair: Professor Cindy Kiro

Reports back to Parliament February 2019

Child & Wellbeing Strategy

Due to lack of response from members no submission was made by ANZASW

Review of the Family Court

Justice Minister Andrew Little has announced a Review of the Family Court.

Terms of Reference are to be announced over the next few weeks.

Stuff Politics 10 April 2018: Justice Minister Andrew Little concerned about access to justice in Family Court 

ANZASW Submission to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health & Addiction Services

Media Coverage

Mental Health Report “not radical enough” for Māori (Māori Television 04 December 2018)

A Māori health provider is slamming the new Mental Health and Addictions report released by the government.  Te Rau Matatini chief executive Maria Baker says Māori have the worst outcomes but recommendations fail to give them a voice.

Kia Piki Te Ora general manager Michael Naera says some Māori organisations are disgusted at the report’s blanket approach to Māori.

“One size fits all?  Māori don’t fit into the recommendations.  We’re upset because there were many whānau and voices that talked to the panel but it isn’t reflected.”..

Mental Health System under-resourced, under pressure, unsustainable (RNZ 03 December 2018)

Our current mental health system “under-resourced”, “under pressure” and “unsustainable” according to a report released today by Mental Health & Addiction inquiry. And we can’t medicate or treat our way out of this epidemic of mental distress. The report by a government appointed panel makes 40 recommendations…

The Report

He-Ara-Oranga – The Mental Health & Addiction Report has been released. The Executive Summary is on Pages 6 – 15 and the 40 recommendations are to be found pages 16 – 20.

If you have any feedback on the report or recommendations please send these to

    He Ara Oranga: Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health & Addiction (WebPage)

Logo YouTube Icon   He Ara Oranga – report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health & Addiction (NZ Dept of Internal Affairs 03 December 2018) (YouTube)

Summary of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction’s final report – December 2018. Read the report at:

pdficon_small   He Ara Oranga: Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health & Addiction (PDF)


Our Submission

pdficon_small   ANZASW Submission to the Government Inquiry into Mental Health &Addiction Services (June 2018)

Relevant Links

ANZASW Submission on Abortion Law

ANZASW Submission on Child Poverty Reduction Bill

Media Coverage

Child Poverty Bill doesn’t Address Cause: Inequality (SCOOP, Closing the Gap, 03 December 2018 )

As Parliament prepares to pass the Child Poverty Reduction Bill this coming week, the income equality group Closing the Gap again urges MPs to tackle the problem behind child poverty: inequality.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s bill is a good first step, but its focus on setting targets and improving reporting on child poverty are “process” issues, and don’t get at the root of the problem, Closing the Gap spokesman Peter Malcolm said.

Latest figures show child poverty in New Zealand stands at around 27 percent, meaning nearly 300,000 children living below the poverty line. “Those figures are proof enough — we don’t need more reporting and targets to tell us income equality must be urgently addressed,” Mr. Malcolm said…

Radio NZ Podcast: Govt Urged to Widen Child Poverty Reduction Bill


pdficon_small   ANZASW Submission on Child Poverty Reduction Bill(April 2018)


ANZASW Submission on Social Workers Registration Legislation Bill

Submission on Children, Young Persons (Oranga Tamariki) and their Families Legislation Bill

Submission on the TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement)

Submission on Mental Health & Addiction Workforce Action Plan 2016-2020