Andrew Thompson

Gender: Male
Nationality/Ethnicity/Culture: NZ European
Contact Phone Number:  06 751 4298
Mobile Phone Number:  027 519 6750
Web Address:
Qualifications:  Doctoral Candidate (University of Auckland)
Master of Philosophy (Social Work), (Massey University)
Graduate Diploma Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Auckland University of Technology)
Certificate of Social Services (UK)
Professional Experience:  20 years as Clinical Supervisor with multidisciplinary supervisees in the fields of physical and mental health, palliative care, child and family social work, oncology, nursing and management.

30 plus years child and family social work in health social work (DHB), community development and the NGO sector.

Key areas of practice include:
Child and family
Health and wellbeing
Therapy and counselling
Grief and loss
Palliative Care
Teaching and trainingreflective
Health communication
Qualitative research

Managing trauma and vicarious trauma

Supervision Interests/Approaches/Type: 
I am committed to creating a safe and contained supervision space, that provides an opportunity for you to critically reflect on practice, and at times consider the overlap with your personal life and experiences. The supervisory space can accommodate many issues; complex case work, professional development, team and colleague challenges, traumatic experience, personal crisis, professional goals, management and leadership, ethical questions, critical decision-making.

I have kept one foot in the practice world and another in the academic world, and I am keen to work with you on your professional and personal development goals. Working with children and families is tough work and I am interested in how we sustain high levels of practice, maintain wellbeing and have fun along the way.

I have been influenced by narrative therapy, strengths based practice, psychodynamic approaches and critical reflection. Core values for me are kindness, honesty and respect.

Please give me a call or drop me an email. I am keen that we should talk first before arranging any appointments.