Kirsten Job

SWRB Registration Number  5849
Gender: Female
Nationality/Ethnicity/Culture: European /Maori
Contact Phone Number:  022 515 5521
Qualifications: Please list all your relevant qualifications  BASS (Social Work), Grad Dip (Psychology), Post Grad (Professional Practice), Practicing Cert (REBT)
Professional Experience:  Over 7 years experience working with youth offenders in the capacity as a Social Worker and Practice Coordinator (over sight of all clinical staff and MSD service delivery, 3 years experience in working with individuals with mental health diagnosis including drug and alcohol dependency.
Supervision Interests/Approaches/Type:  A supportive point of contact where you can reflect and develop as a professional clinician. Strong focus on mindfulness, motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapies and linking these to self care and clinical practice.