Sarah Taylor

SWRB Registration Number:  39
Gender: Female
Nationality/Ethnicity/Culture: Pakeha
Contact Phone Number:  022 164 1837
Web Address:
Qualifications:  Masters of Social Welfare (specializing in supervision and social service management)
Certificate of Applied Neuroscience
Professional Experience:
35 years of social work practice. I have worked in mental health primary care with brief intervention services for 14 years, secondary mental health services (adult and child and adolescent services as team leader/manager, in patient, out patient and DAO crisis experience). Care and Protection experience. Medical social work and experience working with chronic physical conditions. Supervision across a range of sectors including social workers in school, and restorative justice (25 years). Private practice. Life reentry practitioner working with clients to recreate their live after a loss through individual sessions and class situation with a neuroscience focus.
Supervision Interests/Approaches/Type:  Supporting social workers in the challenges of work and the environment in which we work. Supervision as a place for reflective practice and safety. To enable safe practice. Self cares to maintain a life balance. Supporting growth and professional development within social work practice to create place of thriving in our work. Use of evidence based practice. Working with difference. Social service management and recognising the challenges within this at all levels.
Particular interest working within primary health care. Interest in supporting clients and social workers through grief, loss and life transitions using a neuroscience approach to enable change.

Internet based supervision through Zoom, phone supervision.