Tania Daly

SWRB Registration: 2368
Mobile: 021 026 61548
Email:  tania@taniadaly.com
Qualifications BA in Psychology and Sociology (University of Canterbury)
PG Diploma in Social Work (University of Canterbury)
PG Diploma of Family Therapy (Alma Family Therapy- Australia)
PG Certificate in Supervision (University of Otago)
Experience 26 years experience in Social Services
Graduated as a Social Worker in 1997 and since then have practiced primarily in the NGO Sector and in Private Practice.
Extensive experience working with at risk adolescents and their families. Emphasis on family dynamics, parenting, trauma, harmful sexual behaviour; sexual abuse; and offending.
My practice has strongly developed around working systemically and in family therapy and in the past 7 years I have extensively developed my knowledge and competence in working with complex trauma. I have a particular passion in working with parents and carers who parent children with trauma needs and in working with adults whose trauma is impacting on their parenting. I have completed Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy Levels 1 & 2.
I have provided both internal and external supervision for over 15 years. Systemic and Trauma Informed Practise are both strong lenses I bring to my supervision
Currently in Private Practise where I do a number of thingsACC and other counselling
Family Therapy
Training and support for foster carers
Supervision Interests I offer supervisees a warm relaxed environment with good structure. I have an eclectic well thought out practise model which, as stated, is heavily influenced by the systemic and trauma lens.
I am a positive; strengths focussed supervisor. I am process focussed and wish to support supervisees to be reflective in relation to themselves and to their work.
I am interested in supporting practitioners to ‘look underneath’ when trying to make sense of and work with the behaviour of others
Trauma informed practise; work with families and systems; residential and foster care; parenting; adolescents; reluctant or marginalised clients; self awareness and self care