Christine Hoseason

My interests in supervision are:
• Having a strengths based resilience focused approach to practice
• Reflective practice as it enables more accountable practice within the field of Social Work
• Having a deep understanding of the complexities when working within a diverse team and the different dynamics that can bring
• Life balance between work and personal wellbeing

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Lauren Godsiff

I am passionate about empowering social workers to provide the highest quality of reflective practice they can. I have a great deal of experience in working with complex and vulnerable clients and feel I could be helpful in providing supervision for those also working with these challenges. I personally enjoy providing couple and family therapy and would love to help social workers eager to improve their practice in this area.

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Yve Haenga-Ashby

I deeply value the importance of the Kaitiaki/supervision relationship and the need to provide a safe, supportive space where there is the freedom to openly express yourself – with the confidence that your voice will be heard in an empathic, confidential and non-judgemental setting.
My supervision practice is based on upholding Mana of both the supervisee and supervisor- Mana Atua, Mana Tipuna, Mana Tangata, Mana Motuhake. This is a reflective practice using my own reflection framework called KA TU TE MANA – KA TU TE ORA
I also have experience and ongoing interest in the areas of student supervision and the benefits of group and peer supervision.
I am available to provide supervision face to face and/or via zoom or skype

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Melanie Morunga

Solutions focused, reflective practice, strengths based.
24 years working in care and protection services, including 10 years social work (residential care and protection) 6 years caregiving/relief caregiving (residential care and protection) 4 years team leader (care and protection) 2 years practice management (social workers in schools)

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Sarah Elliott

I provide a safe space for quality supervision focused on best practice. Supervision is collaborative, holistic and supervisee needs driven.
I incorporate strengths-based and solution focused approaches utilising a reflective learning model.
I can do supervision face to face, in groups and remotely for social workers or managers in other settings.

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Mark Wester

My goal is to Tautoko (support) people to achieve their professional and personal aspirations through reflective supervision and safe practice. I am focused on working in a team environment and I view the community as our whānau that has difference and complex systems. Supervision for people to work through any challenges they have experienced whether personal or professional to continue to support the people we engage with.
I am available on Zoom or other social media.

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Jo Nicholls

My approach is to work with a strengths based outlook to provide a safe space in order to enable reflective thought with an eye on personal wellbeing and professional growth. I have social work experience primarily in the education field, working with adolescents and their families, mental health assessment and therapeutic interventions and working with related professionals. As a supervisor I have worked with social workers with a variety of roles, from students to experienced social work practitioners and managers. I am also experienced and enjoy working with those who are new to supervision or from allied professions where professional supervision is not common practice.
I am able to work both in person or with a digital platform.

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