Brendy Weir

In Supervision I will support you to reflect on your practice from a collaborative, strengths based, solution focused, holistic approach. We will focus on safe, ethical practice, and support you to build healthy respectful relationships with clients and colleagues and keep in mind your self care. Together we will build your knowledge, skills, confidence and access to resources that will support your competence.

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Working with Refugees and Migrants Webinar Series

Social work with refugees and migrants requires developing an understanding of cultural differences, practice knowledge in trauma informed care, and skills around assisting families into settling in to a new country and new community. This series provides us with presentations from skilled and knowledgeable researchers as well as those at the coal face of meeting the needs of refugees and [...] » Read more

Yasmine Al-Saffar

Reflective practice and empowering social workers and care professionals to make the best decisions they can. Working with team dynamics and managing complex situations. Risk management and safe practice. Group and peer supervision. Working with difference. Leadership and management development. Managing work/personal life balance. Child focused practice. Integrating theory and practice. Culturally safe practice.

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Soro Ramacake

My supervision interests are cultural and clinical

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Helen Simmons

Working alongside the supervisee to advance their supervision goals, I take a holistic supervisee-centred approach focusing on who they are and what they are bringing into the work at any given time. I seek to foster reflexivity in supervision and have particular interests in spirituality in practice, Treaty based practice, gender issues, work/life balance and using supervision as a forum for learning and transformation.

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Thegish Naidoo

Some of the models trained in include Strength based/solution focussed,systems approach,intergrated model,TAPES,Reflective Models of Practice. I have a keen interest in working with social workers looking to develop work – life balance

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