Brendy Weir

In Supervision I will support you to reflect on your practice from a collaborative, strengths based, solution focused, holistic approach. We will focus on safe, ethical practice, and support you to build healthy respectful relationships with clients and colleagues and keep in mind your self care. Together we will build your knowledge, skills, confidence and access to resources that will support your competence.

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Working with Refugees and Migrants Webinar Series

Social work with refugees and migrants requires developing an understanding of cultural differences, practice knowledge in trauma informed care, and skills around assisting families into settling in to a new country and new community. This series provides us with presentations from skilled and knowledgeable researchers as well as those at the coal face of meeting the needs of refugees and [...] » Read more

Helen Simmons

Working alongside the supervisee to advance their supervision goals, I take a holistic supervisee-centred approach focusing on who they are and what they are bringing into the work at any given time. I seek to foster reflexivity in supervision and have particular interests in spirituality in practice, Treaty based practice, gender issues, work/life balance and using supervision as a forum for learning and transformation.

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Yogie Reddy

Yogi Reddy has been practicing social work for over 25 years. She has considerable experience in working in Mental Health with adults, children and adolescents and older people. Her experience also includes working in Statutory social work, in the community and a hospital ward. She is passionate about inspiring social workers to achieve their highest potential. She also has an interest in grief and loss issues and supporting migrant women and mothers.

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Thegish Naidoo

As a supervisor I am keen to support social workers and  allied professionals towards creating a sacred place in supervision to share,explore and learn with a view to affirming as well as enhancing their professional practice. I have trained in several models of supervision and would utilise models to suit individual needs.
Some of the models trained in include Strength based/solution focussed, systems approach, intergrated model,TAPES,Reflective Models of Practice. I have a keen interest in working with social workers looking to develop work – life balance.
I also have an interest in working with immigrant social workers. As a social worker I have an interest in broader social issues and the impact of this on our practices.Contact me and I will be happy to explain how I work,answer any questions and also get to know you and what your needs are. This session usually gives us the opportunity to determine whether we are keen to enter into a contract with each other.

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Dr. Elias Martis

Supervision  of Social Workers, team leaders, Managers and Social Work lecturers. Social Workers working with Migrants and Refugees. Cultural supervision for Social Workers working with people of Indian origin. Supervision for Master or Doctoral Theses.

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Vicki Hirst

Supervision that promotes leadership and management in the social services and inspires professional, ethical and effective social work practice, achieves best outcomes with clients and grows a sustainable organisation. Critical reflective practice, culturally safe practice, professional wellbeing including mindfulness and professional and career development are key elements along with managing change and human resources.
A safe, supportive and challenging space is provided for supervisees that is conducive to learning through reflection, exploration, discovery and application. Now specialising in supervision using Zoom.Your further inquiry is welcomed.

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Sue Alpass

Community agencies, statutory work, management, students and working with any one in the social service profession.
The role of mindfulness in supervision and practice
The use of Sand-tray work as a tool for reflection in supervision.

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