Nathan Martin

Reflective practice and empowering social workers, support worker, mental health workers and care professionals to ensure they provide best practice for their clients while keeping safe and healthy. Working with team dynamics and managing complex situations – mainly ethical issues. Risk management and safe practice – what to do in risky situations and guide people to keep themselves safe. Managing work/personal life balance. Disability and Rights focused practice.

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Brenda Gill

At my business; Solution Talk Counselling I provide professional supervision for social workers, practitioners and students. I use Strengths based and reflective processes and strongly stand behind safe and ethical practice for clients, the professional and their organisation. I am passionate about assisting with growth and goal setting in professionals both personally and professionally. I have 20 years experience in the Family Violence area so I am highly skilled in the area of power and control issues and how they affect relationships.

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Robert Wilson

To enhance social work practitioners toward ” better and safer practices” through the following perspectives: Reflective, Problem Solving Solution, Strength Base and Mentoring to encompass whanau ora / wrap around interventions.

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Serafin Dillon

Providing Online Supervision to serve you anywhere in New Zealand (HIPAA Compliant).
Face-to-face available in Nelson.
I can offer you empowering discussions around parallel process, reflexive practice, transactional analysis, and organisation psychology.
I’m interested in inspirational practice so you can be a leader in your field. Leave a legacy by remaining enthusiastic and invigorated by your role, your team, and your communities. I’m curious as to why you became a social worker and how you look after yourself in your role. I’m fascinated by organisational psychology, ethics, boundaries, and reflexive practice. I am interested in mentoring and leadership and capacity building.

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Merle Petersen

I am available to provide supervision to social workers, practitioners, students and other allied health professionals. My supervision style incorporates strengths based and reflective processes promoting safe and ethical practice for clients, professionals and agencies. I am committed to the Treaty of Waitangi and incorporate bi-cultural models of supervision into my practice including Te Whare Tapa Wha. I have commitment to my own personal and professional development.

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