United Nations Representatives for IFSW – Asia Pacific – Volunteer Positions

Expressions of Interest are requested before 31 October 2019.

IFSW Asia Pacific is seeking Expressions of Interest for:
One IFSW Asia Pacific Regional Commissioner (also called Main Representative for Asia Pacific Region) based in Bangkok and 
Up to four IFSW Asia Pacific Regional Representatives to the UN Office in Bangkok (can based in any part of the Asia Pacific Region)
The overarching objective of IFSW representations to the UN is to represent a social work perspective to the UN and the UN Agencies and to work towards joint action based on social work principles. The IFSW UN work is led and coordinated by Priska Fleischlin within the IFSW United Nations Commission and representatives will focus on one or two themes (such as social protection, health…) that are relevant for global social work

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