Te Komako Issue 27 (4) **

Whanaungatanga by Heramaahina Eketone

** This issue of Te Komako was published in 2017


Anaru Eketone


Theories in Māori social work: Indigenous approaches to working with and for indigenous people
Awhina Hollis-English

Social capital and its application to Māori social policy
Gina Tompkins

Pakiwaitara – social work sense for supervision
Jacquelyn Elkington

Mātauranga-ā-whānau – He Kōnae Aronui
Taina Whakaatere Pohatu

Rāranga – the art of weaving
Tauke Kirkwood

New wine from old wineskins, a fresh look at Freire
Shayne Walker


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