Webinar: Glynnis Brook: Elder Abuse

For members who were unable to attend the Webinar “Elder Abuse” by Glynnis Brook, you are able to view a recording which at this stage is still available.

To view/listen to the webinar is a two stage process:

  • To hear the audio please contact National Office for availability 
  • To view the prezi powerpoint presentation click here



  • Current research and the relationship between social work knowledge, elder abuse and practice
  •  Definitions and critiques of Elder Abuse and the impact that these have on practice
  •  Context of Elder Abuse
  • Complexity of Elder Abuse
  • Strands of theory in the literature
  • Relationship between elder abuse and the construction of knowledge
  • How do social work practitioners in Aotearoa New Zealand make sense of and respond to elder abuse?
  • Three emerging models
  • Theory vs practice