Webinar: Heidi Crawford: 5 things I’d tell myself

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Hindsight can be a valuable thing, unfortunately it may not help change your circumstances for yourself but it could give small drops of knowing that may impact positively on the practice development of others in some small way. This presentation is simply titled ‘5 things I’d tell myself’ and will outline the 5 pieces of advice I would give to myself in each of the 3 different areas of my social work practice:

–          As a beginning social work practitioner

–          As a beginning social service manager

–          As a beginning social work educator

Heidi began as a care and protection social worker in an NGO setting in 2006 then moved into a management role within the same organisation. Her current role is as the Social Work Programme Coordinator at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute. The focus of her teaching is social work practice skills, applied politics as well as leadership and management practice.