Webinar: Paul Barber: Closer Together Whakatata – Reducing Inequalities

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Paul Barber, Policy Advisor from  the NZ Council of Christian Social Services (www.nzccss.org.nz) the umbrella organisation for the social service agencies of the churches, will be speaking about the information programme Closer Together Whakatata Mai – reducing inequalities.

This programme was developed in response to the large increase in the gap between rich and the rest in NZ over the past 30 years. In that time, the incomes of the top 10% of households have doubled while most other households have had little increase.  The Closer Together programme aims to provide ideas about how to reduce the gap and how individuals, communities and government can take action and help build a “community of change”.


Paul will speak from the powerpoint slides on the ‘Toolkit’ page of the website http://closertogether.org.nz/toolkit/ with the aim that those participating in the session are equipped to use this presentation and the other resources in their own networks to support their work in supporting structural change to address inequalities.


ANZASW Practice Standard 9:

The social worker constantly works to make the organisations and systems, which are part of the social work effort, responsive to needs of those who use them.  This standard is met when the social worker:

Acts to eliminate discriminatory practices

Advocates effectively as an individual and as a team member

Participates in change strategies

Contributes to policy making

Understands the conflict of interest inherent in actions which challenge agency/govt policies.